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The Internet of Things is shaping the entire market. The wave of innovation is affecting both the industrial sectors and the world of consumers. The areas of application of IoT are as innumerable as the opportunities that it if adopted, implies.

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In the last decade we have witnessed the advent of a disruptive technological wave, the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). Currently, there are around 12 billion smart devices in the world. Regarding the future, Cisco expects 37 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. 

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It is increasingly clear, when we talk about the business of the future, the importance that IoT is reaching.

A research, carried out by Gartner, underlines the key role that IoT has reached during this year. Infact, only in 2017, the connected objects were about 8.7 billions.

Moreover, a further important data to be recorded is the exponential growth of interest in the IoT. The increase is 44% in 5 years, if we take into consideration the underlying graph of the growth  in interest from 2012 to today the increase is clear to our eyes.

Source: Google Trends

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