The BlueBerry TERTIUM Technology supports BLE radio.

BlueBerry is a range of small and easy to use HF/UHF RFID portable readers.

Thanks to its ease of use, it is possible to read and transmit data of an RFID tag to a laptop with one pressure. They can also work as a standard RFID table, simply by connecting the device to a PC via a USB cable.

They are professional accessories for smartphone and tablet that can be connected to devices via Bluetooth interface:

  • HID: unidirectional, keyboard emulation for Android, iOS, etc., without the requirement of specific Apps
  • SPP: bidirectional, serial communication for Android, etc, but not for iOS
  • iAP: bidirectional, serial communication for iOS
  • BLE: bidirectional, serial communication for Android, iOS, etc.

There are three available models:

  • Blueberry HS with Bluetooth HID/SPP interface
  • BlueBerry IS with Bluetooth SPP/iAP interface
  • BlueBerry LE with Bluetooth Smart interface: the innovation in Bluetooth radio is transmitted to the range of TERTIUM Technology RFID readers, especially for iOS devices.

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