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Embedded RFID tags

Embedded RFID tags are a type of tag designed and developped to be embedd in an object and not simply affixed to the surface of it.

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Contact Tracing Coronavirus

One of the main precautions that are taken to contain Coronavirus is social distancing.

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The arrival of Coronavirus has put the whole world to the test, shaking the balance of many countries.

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In this challenging period, TERTIUM Technology is open for business and available to serve its clients, using our remote working capabilities.


The life cycle of a product is made up of the different phases it goes through.

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The adoption of RFID technology in the healthcare sector is becoming a high priority.

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Our planet is facing its biggest challenge ever climate change.

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Most RFID systems consist of three elements:

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As December 25 approaches, the days of Santa and his Elves are becoming frenetic and more demanding. Fortunately, in the last year the Internet of Things has been fully integrated into the world’s most famous toy industry.

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Our new software development tools  can be utilised on the following devices

  • BlueBerry LE HF;
  • BlueBerry LE UHF;
  • NFC Scanner;
  • UHF Scanner

TERTIUM Technology RFID Readers can be connected through Bluetooth Low Energy to any device such as smartphone or tablet equipped with Bluetooth v4.0 or later (Bluetooth Smart) interface.

To interact with mentioned readers you need a specific application that can connect to a Bluetooth Smart Ready device and manage a bi-directional communication.

To speed up the work of the developers we have made public, on the GitHub website ( ), the API libraries to build and implement the app to interact with our RFID readers.

The API libraries are available for the two Android and iOS operating systems.

For Android:

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