8 steps for a successful RFID system implementation

Most RFID systems consist of three elements:

  • Tag: It’s composed of an antenna to transmit and to receive signals and an RFID chip that contains information on the object to which it’s affixed;
  • Reader: It’s the mind of the RFID system and it’s necessary for the operation of any system. The reader is used to query and receive the information contained in the tag;
  • Management Software: allows you to manage information coming from the tag and enables users to make informed decisions and take action.

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RFID in your pockets with the smallest reader in the world

What is BlueBerry RFID reader and how does it work?

BlueBerry is an RFID key fob reader capable of reading a UHF / HF RFID tag and transmit it via Bluetooth® to any device equipped with that interface. With the push of a single button, this easy-to-use device allows the reading and transmission of RFID tag data to a mobile device.

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TERTIUM RFID Readers: new software development tools

Our new software development tools  can be utilised on the following devices:

  • BlueBerry LE HF;
  • BlueBerry LE UHF;
  • NFC Scanner;
  • UHF Scanner

TERTIUM Technology RFID Readers can be connected through Bluetooth Low Energy to any device such as smartphone or tablet equipped with Bluetooth v4.0 or later (Bluetooth Smart) interface.

To interact with mentioned readers you need a specific application that can connect to a Bluetooth Smart Ready device and manage a bi-directional communication.

To speed up the work of the developers we have made public, on the GitHub website ( https://github.com/tertiumtechnology ), the API libraries to build and implement the app to interact with our RFID readers.

The API libraries are available for the two Android and iOS operating systems.

For Android:


For iOS:



TERTIUM Technology also developed TERTIUM BLE RFID Test, the app demonstrate how to use the API libraries.

For Android:


For iOS:



Moreover the App Test is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Image 1. BlueBerry Icon

BlueBerry UHF read Murata micro tag embedded on metal surface

An RFID tag is an electronic component made up of a chip and a small antenna. The tag has a small memory which can contain data and it has the ability to transmit them without the need of power, exploiting the energy that the antenna absorbs when it is illuminated by an RFID reader.
In the case of small-scale goods the problem to be faced is the, extremely limited, space available to apply the tag. Murata, a Japanese company that has gained excellent know-how in the development of multi-layer ceramic substrates, has created a new RFID tag, MAGICSTRAP tag, really tiny, but at the same time robust and resistant, which can be affixed or integrated into objects of small surfaces.

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